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Dalry Community Council   works  to represent the  community of Dalry  and  the  wide range of interests we have in our area.  We are proud to be a    Biosphere Community    and are working hard with partner organisations and the local authority to build a sustainable future that includes everyone.  We are here to represent the views and concerns of the community, offer help where it's needed and be a link between local residents, the council, partner organisations and local government, and, where possible, outside agencies such as Scottish Forestry.  We respond to planning and forestry applications, deal with pressing local issues, look to make the most of opportunities that come with changing times and generally try to be part of making Dalry the best place it can be.

 Map of the Dalry Community Council boundary. For a better resolution map that you can zoom in and out of please visit the Dumfries and Galloway Council website  here .