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July 2022

Dalry Community Council

Date:   04/07/2022    Time:   7.00pm           Location: Online


Present: Graham West (chair), D Gerald Bell (treasurer), Morag Paterson (zoom), Andrew Bielinski, Kerry Morrison(V.Chair), Nigel Bradley (JDH), Andy McFarlane, Michele Owen


Apologies: Dougie Campbell, John Denerley, PC Amy Baird, Gary Blissett


Minutes taken by: Morag Paterson


Agenda Item


JDH presentation. Drop-in session Dalry Town Hall Thursday 21st July 2-4pm and 5.30-7.30pm

Driven by UK desire to ‘clean up’ mining and be more self-sufficient in precious metals. These are used in electricity, food processing, electric cars and health care. Licences already issued by Crown Estate in 2016, 2017 and 2021. Very long-term project, nowhere near doing anything other than test drilling. Some sites have already been discounted.  A widely inclusive community liaison group will be set up.

KM asks about whether the drop-in will have a presentation or not? Probably not, but they can look into a pre-recorded one if it would help.

Poster for notice board, FB page.

GW asks about spoil heaps – these are no longer allowed, and the rock is returned to the ground. Processing occurs in a warehouse building.  AB asks about the timescales for this – as the spoil is unlikely to be returned to the ground while they’re still mining.

Re-instatement bonds will be in place. Community benefits will be negotiated at national, regional and local levels.




MP to advertise on FB


GW to receive printed posters for distribution

Approval of last meeting’s minutes:

Proposed:  GB                                          Seconded: KM


GW welcomes Andy McFarlane as one of our new councillors. He asks him to sum up his role.  He explains he is new the role and he’s happy to try and help with anything at all and if he can’t deal with it personally, he will try to steer us towards someone who can. AMcF has a response from Charlotte Carson re road surface problems in Dalry, which he will forward to GW.  GW repeats that a resident was injured by falling on a bad road surface near Underhill recently.








Matters Arising:


Commemorative Plaque for Andi Holmes – his widow is very happy for us to place something.

GW to speak to Jim Reid re bench GW

























Police matters:


Nothing to report

Additional leaflets included re neighbourhood watch, construction watch and rural watch. We will put them on FB

Physical posters to go up












Village Matters


Defib not cleaned but will happen soon. Functioning properly.


Discussed whether to ask St Johns Ambulance to provide defib training for community. Advertise on FB (MP) and on posters near shop and garage to see how much interest there is.


Dog pooh:

Top of Kirkland Street is still having problems, even using bags and then not picking them up.  New bin has been installed near Allangibbon.  Usage will be monitored.

Purchase lamppost mounted pooh bag dispensers

Summer seats


Queens Jubilee – GW thanks MO for helping organise.

MO also mentions communication and suggests that an extra notice board nearer the top of the village could work – or find other ways of reaching people.  Personal approach worked very well.
















Pavements, roads and verges


Unresolved pot holes, AMcF will do what he can to help


No progress on SUW access yet









Planning and housing


SPEN Consultation - Holm Hill substation. Further meeting plan, MP has requested better visuals or indication of size of development. Will advise of date.



MP will stand until next May, paperwork to be sorted out









Wind farms


Divot Hill – invite Michael Briggs, Energiekontor

Windy Standard Open Day has happened

Windy Rig agreement finalised, GW sent details.


Look at cumulative forestry and windfarm proposals








Trostan – contacted Drax re water supply, no response to date

Czernin Kinsky – invite Tom Clarke

FLS consultation

Waterside – no progress

Self-seeded sitka – AB has a study from a colleague that he will share

KM did walk on Waterside with Reverend and noticed that there’s no footpath and they have planted on deep peat. Padlocked gate. Still no trees planted on lower site. MP to forward details to Kerry.

SLC work on green lairds, to be circulated

New forestry implementation strategy to be circulated

















Grants & Finances


GB suggests we look at a sound system for the town hall as some people have difficulty hearing. Discussions to continue.


There will be £3353 in the bank once we get the money from Drax towards the Jubilee celebrations













Correspondence and external meetings


GW notes that many events are held during the daytime when people are working.

Imagining New Futures Project Jenna Cairns will attend with MP

Meeting re RLUP Community Learning Project on Wednesday

Council will lease land in Dalry to the Biosphere for 5 years at no cost, SOSE will pay for creation of building. AB to keep us updated.









Any other business


Zoom account to be reinstated






Date of next meeting and AGM



29th August 2022

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